After losing a great deal of weight, people are often left with sagging skin in various regions of their body. This can feel quite demoralizing, especially since it comes right after something so positive.

To address this loose excess skin, patients come in for body-contouring procedures. If you’ve noticed excess skin and fat dangling from your upper arms, you may be in need of a procedure known as the arm lift. With this procedure, you’ll be able to show off tight, toned arms you can be proud of.

The Arm Lift: An Introduction

The arm lift, or brachioplasty, is a surgery performed to improve the appearance of the arms. Surgeons performing the procedure focus on improving the contours of the patient’s upper arms. The process involves getting rid of excess sagging skin and pockets of stubborn excess fat.

To achieve the desired shape, Dr. Davtyan tightens and restructures the support tissues that come together to define the look of the upper arms.

Benefits of an Arm Lift

An arm lift offers numerous benefits:

• Better toned and defined arms
• Arms that are in better proportion with the rest of the body
• More obvious results after working out
• Improved clothing options

The Arm-Lift Procedure

Dr. Davtyan uses local anesthesia with intravenous sedation or general anesthesia to sedate the patient for the entirety of the arm lift. Once the anesthesia takes effect, Dr. Davtyan creates the incisions for the procedure.

In most cases, incisions are placed on the inside or back of the arm. Incision length will depend on the amount and location of the skin to be removed. Through these incisions, Dr. Davtyan accesses the trouble areas to tighten and reshape the supporting tissues. Excess fat and skin are removed.

The remaining skin is then redraped over the improved contours of the arm. In the final step, the incisions are closed using stitches. Usually, the entire process takes anywhere between one and three hours. However, more time may be needed in case of patients who need extensive recontouring.

Ideal Candidates

An ideal candidate for arm lift is someone who:

• Is experiencing significant arm laxity
• Is in good health and maintains a healthy weight
• Has realistic expectations

Preparation for the Arm Lift

To prepare for the arm lift, it will be important to stop taking aspirin, herbal supplements, and anti-inflammatory medicines at least a week before surgery. You will also need to stop smoking and drinking at least a month before the procedure. These steps will help to avoid surgical and post-surgical complications like excessive bleeding.

Before your procedure, ask a friend or family member to drive you home after the surgery, as you will not be able to drive.

Post-Operative Care Instructions

During your recovery and healing period after your arm lift, make sure to follow Dr. Davtyan’s post-operative care instructions. A major aspect of this is avoiding smoking and drinking.

Avoid lifting your arms above your shoulders for at least three weeks after the procedure. Do not participate in any physically demanding activities for at least four weeks after surgery.

You will need to wear an elastic compression garment to support your healing tissues and keep the swelling down. Care properly for the surgical sites and any drains in the region.

The Results of the Arm Lift

Patients report great improvement in the appearance of their arms almost immediately after the procedure. Once the swelling ameliorates, the full results will be evident. Though some amount of sagging will happen with time, maintaining a healthy body weight will help slow the process.

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