Benefits of Weight Loss Surgery in Glendale

There are a number of factors which causes excessive weight gain. This includes living an unhealthy lifestyle such as not getting enough sleep, not exercising, eating unhealthy food, and a lot more. In order to gain back your healthy body, it is recommended that you switch your lifestyle habits around. This includes sleeping more, eating healthy, and getting plenty of exercise. However, there are also other recommended ways to regain and preserve your health. One of these ways is through weight loss surgery. Patients undergo weight loss surgery due to a lot of health benefits that comes with it. When you choose to do a weight loss surgery, you are reducing the risks that are associated with an abnormal accumulation of fat in your body. Weight loss surgery, accompanied by maintaining your weight after surgery through exercise and a balanced diet, can be your long-term solution to your weight problem. The after effects of weight loss surgery not just affect your health, but it also helps boost your self-esteem. Having a positive disposition in life and an over-all better mental health is but one of the many reasons for you to under go weight loss surgery. Davtyan Medical Weight Loss and Wellness in Glendale, CA is the best weight loss and wellness clinic to address your needs. Visit their website for more information and start your weight loss journey today!

A Guide to Different Types of Weight Loss Surgery

With advancements in research and technology, there are a lot of different procedures being offered that you can choose from, depending on which weight loss surgery is best for you. A lap band procedure is done by placing a band on the upper part of your stomach, thus making your stomach smaller. A sleeve gastrectomy is a type of surgery where 75% of your stomach will be removed for it to transform into vertical tube-shaped one, so that there will be less room when consume food. A gastric by pass surgery is a procedure where your upper stomach and the lower section of the small intestine will be connected so that your body will absorb only a few calories. Another type of surgery is called the gastric balloon or the intragastric balloon system. In this type of surgery, a deflated balloon will be inserted in the stomach through the mouth. A saline solution will then fill the balloon to curb one’s hunger since you will be feeling full. Consult with Dr. Davtyan at Davtyan Medical Weight Loss and Wellness in Glendale, CA to know what kind of weight loss surgery is recommended for you.

Is Weight Loss Surgery Expensive?

Depending on the procedure, weight loss surgery can cost you a couple of thousands of dollars. A gastric bypass surgery can cost an average of $23,000. On the other hand, a lap band can cost around $14,500. A sleeve gastrectomy surgery can approximately cost you around $14,900. You can check with your insurance company if they cover weight loss surgery. Most major insurance companies offer coverage on gastric sleeve, lap gastric band, and other surgeries. Consult with them to see your insurance provider covers these types of surgeries.

Weight Loss Surgery Preparations: Before and After

Before undergoing any weight loss surgery, it is best to prepare not just physically, but mentally as well. To fully prepare yourself for what to expect for your chosen surgery, you should do your research first. What do I need to do? What are the pros and cons? Do I have the resources to go through with the procedure? Can I fully commit to it? These are some of the questions that you need to ask yourself first. You should also have to fully commit to start and maintain a healthy lifestyle by eating right and exercising. This should be done before and after your surgery in order to maximize the effects brought about by the procedure. It is also important for you to reconcile your eating habits with your mental and emotional health. By acknowledging the different factors that lead to your weight gain, you can easily have a healthy relationship with food and with yourself.

How to Choose the Best Type of Weight Loss Procedures in Glendale

There are different types of weight loss surgery that you can choose from. You may either want to have a restrictive surgery, a malabsorptive surgery, or you may opt to have an electrical device implanted in you. Restrictive surgeries are done by shrinking the size of your stomach. How it works is that the smaller stomach size slows down your digestion. When you have effectively restricted the size of your stomach, in turn you will be eating less. The lesser amount of food you consume, the more you lose weight. Malabsorptive surgeries or intestinal bypasses are done by making your stomach smaller and removing part of your digestive tract. An effect to this procedure is that your body will then be having a hard time absorbing your calories. Lastly, you can achieve weight loss through implanting an electrical device. What this does is that nerve signals between the stomach and the brain are being prompted by the electrical device which then causes weight loss. As there are a number of procedures that are available to you, it is best to consult with a medical expert to know which procedure you can qualify under. Davtyan Medical Weight Loss and Wellness offers a variety of different weight loss procedures depending on your needs. Dr. Davtyan and his team are there to help you with any concerns and inquiries that you may have before, during, and after your chosen procedure. Schedule a consultation today with Dr. Davtyan to get you started!