Before I came to see Dr. Davtyan I had tried every diet, even went on Isagenix. It would knock off 10 lbs but then it came right back. Every time I tried to button my suits, I couldn’t. It was really frustrating. Then I saw this commercial about Obalon, called the doctor, talked to Arsine and set up an appointment where he explained everything to me about the different types of gastric balloons he provides – Orbera and Obalon. The first thing I noticed about Dr. Davtyan is that he spent a long time talking to me and was incredibly detailed in explaining everything so that I could really make the decision that was best for me. After our discussion I decided to go with Orbera and I had it done this past Thursday. Right before the procedure, I was pretty nervous, but I saw the doctor, started talking to him, and he calmed me down. He said it would be just 15-20 minutes and I’d be out of there. Well he was right. The next thing I know I woke up, he asked me how I feel, I said I felt fine and that was pretty much it. I follow my discharge instructions to a T, which is the key to being successful. I drink a lot of water, eat sugar free popsicles and the rest of the things he tells me are ok to eat and drink. I’ve really had no problems besides a little heart burn here and there. So far I’ve lost 10 lbs in only five days! I want to lose another 45lbs and I know I’ll do it. Dr. Davtyan is the best, he’s got the most experience out there. He talks to you like a human, spends time with you, he’s not just in and out like other doctors, he’ll actually take time to thoroughly answer your questions. Arsine will always make herself available any time you need something and it’s important. The Orbera weight loss procedure is really not as expensive as what you might think, and it helps you change your eating habits and your portions. Who needs 8 strips of bacon and a 5 egg omelet for breakfast. Not me anymore! My blood pressure is down 20/30 points already, in a week! I’m really happy with this procedure so far.