Glendale, CA
I finally wanted to do something about it and make a real change. My brother had gastric bypass and my sister had the Lap Band and I saw them have success, so I looked for doctors in the area and found Dr. Davtyan. I found that he is one of the best Lap Band surgeons in California, so I made an appointment and met with Arsine whom I absolutely loved from the moment I met her. Then I met Dr. Davtyan and found him to be the perfect fit. Regardless of which weight loss surgery you get, it doesn’t put you in the gym or make you eat right, you still have to do the work. That’s one of the reasons I love Dr. Davtyan – He and the whole staff really care about their patients. There was one incident when I had gained a little weight back because I wasn’t keeping up with my healthy eating habits and he made sure that I got back on track. I like that he and his staff won’t let you fall through the cracks. His staff will call to check up on you because they care, they want to see and make sure you are keeping up healthy habits and have lasting results. Before the surgery I was 306 lbs and I have lost 130 lbs with the Lap Band, which I’ve kept off for over 4 years now! He has the best follow up care, which is what makes him exceptional.

My marriage is better now; I am able to be the healthy wife my husband deserves. My blood pressure is down at a normal rate, I feel like I can conquer the world in a sense. My weight-loss with the Lap Band has also helped me excel in my career. Just being able to shop in a normal store and spend less on my clothes because I am literally buying less material than I was before, being able to fit my legs into cowboy boots (I’m from Texas, so obviously that’s important to me), wearing shorts that aren’t of bermuda length. Everything is better now and it’s all thanks to Dr. Davtyan, his staff and their amazing care.