When contemplating on whether or not weight loss surgery is a possibility for you, there are presumably tons of questions you may have regarding procedures, recovery, weight loss, and more. In efforts to bring our patients here at Davtyan Medical Weight Loss And Wellness a more comprehensive understanding of bariatric surgery, we have put together some of our more frequently asked questions and will answer them accordingly.

1. What is Bariatric Surgery?

Simply put, bariatric surgery is an umbrella term that pertains to many different weight loss procedures for obese patients. Many of these procedures involve tactics that reduce the size of a patient’s stomach, which restricts the amount of food the body is able to consume. In terms of long term weight loss success, Standard of Care procedures allow for the altering of gut hormones, which create brain signals that tell the body when it is hungry and full. As a result, you shed weight in a reasonably quick fashion, and also obtain a new hormonal weight set point. A weight set point refers to the weight that your body will continually fluctuate to and from. For example, someone may say that their weight set point is 150 pounds, yet they fluctuate above and below throughout periods of time.

2. What is the Safest Form of Weight Loss Surgery?

For many patients, going under is a scary idea. Weight loss surgery in and of itself is a serious surgery, and many patients express concerns with their safety. If you are inquiring about weigh loss surgery and want to know what the safest form of weight loss surgery is, it will likely depend on what your surgeon suggests. Everyone is different and every body is different, and if you possess other health conditions, your surgeon may suggest something different. With that being said, the weight loss surgery that is deemed to be the simplest and safest procedure, is gastric banding. During the gastric banding procedure, a surgeon will place an inflatable silicone device, also know as the lap-band, over the top portion of the stomach. This allows to restrict stomach capacity and ensure that patients can eat smaller portions in order to optimize weight loss. It should also be mentioned that although this specific procedure is the safest, patients lose less weight with gastric banding. This type of procedure may be optimal for those who are of a smaller BMI.

3. What is the Success Rate for Bariatric Surgery?

Although there are many different procedures that fit under the Bariatric surgery umbrella, Bariatric surgery has a very high success rate and is a useful tool to combat morbid obesity and other health complications associates with obesity. Depending on which surgery a patient has, patients usually lose thirty to fifty percent of their excess weight within the first six months after surgery. Likewise, as early as twelve months post-op, patients have been able to lose 77% of their excess weight. It is important to note that weight loss surgeries aren’t a magic wand, as in they don’t magically fix all of your weight loss issues during the surgery. Weight loss is a journey, and there are many practices that you must adhere to in order to successfully lose the weight and keep it off. However, do not be overwhelmed. We here at Davtyan Medical Weight Loss And Wellness have worked with thousands of patients who have found success in weight loss, and we are here to help you along your journey.

4. How Do I Qualify for Bariatric Surgery?

In order to be eligible for Bariatric surgery, you must meet these requirements:

– Weight less than 450 pounds, as that is the maximum weight that some hospital equipment can accommodate. Some patients do need to lose weight prior to surgery, however that will be decided by your surgeon.
– Have a BMI of 40 or higher. You can also have a BMI that falls between 35 and 40, or have an obesity-related condition which can be anything from diabetes, to high blood pressure, to sleep apnea, or heart disease.

5. Why Choose Dr. Davtyan?

With over 30 years of experience as a surgeon, Dr. Davtyan is a highly respected and well renowned weight loss surgeon. With his work at Davtyan Medical Weight Loss And Wellness, thousands of Los Angeles local and non-local patients have received the necessary care that has changed their lives forever. Dr. Davtyan, alongside the entire staff here at Davtyan Medical Weight Loss And Wellness, understand how important weight loss surgery is for individuals, and our goal as a team is to assist you on this journey and cultivate life-long transformation. With Dr. Davtyan’s expert assistance, you can overcome your weight loss challenges once and for all, and reclaim control of your body, restore your health, and transform your life. If you have any questions regarding weight loss surgery, or simply want more information pertaining to your particular case, don’t hesitate to give us a call here at the Davtyan Medical Weight Loss And Wellness or visit our website for more information. We have helped thousands of patients, and are eager to help you as well.