A study done by Asa Ernersson and team of researchers from Linkoping University Sweden found that those who engaged in a four-week period of excessive food consumption (to increase energy intake by an average of 70%) and decreased exercise, showed an increase weight and fat mass more than two years later (even after the initial weight is lost) when compared to those who ate and exercised as normal. Those who increased energy intake while decreasing their exercise gained an average of 6.4kg (or 14.1 pounds) in body weight, where most of it was lost 6 months later, but showed an increased fat mass one year later and even greater 2.5 years later compared to baseline! Therefore concluding, after a short period of large food consumption and minimal exercise, there is an extended effect on fat mass, and there is a change in a person’s physiology that can cause it to be harder to lose and keep weight off!