A survey conducted by McNeil Nutritionals, LLC with support of SHAPE magazine, determined that roughly more than a third of American women between the ages of 25-54 think about their weight at least three times a day, and many think that they need to implement very strict and drastic lifestyle changes in order to achieve their weight loss goals or maintain an ideal body weight.
It turns out it that a good place to start is by simply incorporating healthier habits into their daily routine. In other words, follow a calorically-appropriate diet, make smart substitutions with food choices, watch your portion sizes, and stay active.

The survey concluded that 70 percent of women currently add sugar to foods and beverages, for example, 48% of women admitted to adding sugar to their coffee. A simple solution to that is to replace 3 tablespoons of sugar each day with a “No Calorie Sweetener” such as SPLENDA, saving up to 100 calories!