Trying to lose weight has been difficult for you. You do not step on the weighing scale anymore because you are scared of the numbers that will stare right back at you. Your health is affected and it prevents you from living the life that you want.

You have tried anything and everything to lose weight. But you haven’t. At least not significantly. And consistently. After all your efforts, you find yourself almost right back at your starting weight.

If you are feeling hopeless, don’t worry. There are plenty of available options for you to take you further in your weight loss journey. And depending on your weight, body mass index, and existing medical conditions related to your excess weight, a gastric sleeve surgery may be that option for you.

What is gastric sleeve surgery?

Gastric sleeve surgery is a medical procedure that removes 80 percent of the outer curved part of your stomach, minimizing the size of your stomach to about a fifth of its original size. This smaller stomach is called a gastric sleeve. The gastric sleeve is then closed either with sutures or staples.

Gastric sleeve surgery is a generally minimally invasive procedure done through laparoscopy. It requires the administration of general anesthesia to make sure that you are in deep sleep for the hour-long procedure.

Why go for gastric sleeve surgery?

You might be wondering though why is gastric sleeve surgery worth exploring. And you are also probably really considering if it is indeed the next step in your weight loss journey. After all, there are various weight loss medical procedures available that you haven’t even tried out yet.

Well, gastric sleeve surgery is one of the most common weight loss procedures. It is a simpler one-step medical procedure than say, a gastric bypass. This procedure is a 2-step procedure as it involves creating a new stomach pouch and then attaching it to the small intestine, bypassing the first part of your intestine. Recovery time in the hospital is shorter in gastric sleeve surgery than in gastric bypass surgery.

What should you expect after gastric sleeve surgery?

It is important that you know that there will be some changes in your life after gastric sleeve surgery. These include the following:

You will have incisions to care for.

While gastric sleeve surgery is minimally invasive, there will still be incisions in your abdomen that you need to take care of. Leave the medical tape in your stomach for about a week or until it comes off, whichever comes first. Be sure to clean your abdominal area with soap diluted in warm water and dry the area afterward. Also, make sure to keep the stomach clean and dry to prevent possible infection.

There might be possible complications.

While the procedure is generally safe, you should still be aware of the possible complications that may arise after gastric sleeve surgery. These include acid reflux, leakage of stomach fluid, some narrowing along the stomach pouch, and stomach obstruction.
Make sure to immediately contact your doctor if any of these happen so you will know the next steps to take.

There will be changes in the food that you can eat.

Because gastric sleeve surgery significantly reduces the size of your stomach, one of the most important things that you have to prepare for is the required changes in your diet.

You will be placed on a liquid diet for a few days immediately after surgery. Your doctor or dietitian will then gradually introduce pureed foods if they determine that your stomach is ready for it. This will be your diet for a few weeks. Once your digestive system is ready, solid food in smaller portions and quantities will be re-introduced.

You will have to adjust your food intake.

It is not just the kind and amount of food that you eat that needs to change. You also have to modify how you eat. For one, you can only take in a small amount of food and to stop eating when you feel full. You also have to chew your food thoroughly, at least 30 times, before you swallow them. This will also entail allotting more time for meals, as it is recommended that you also eat at a much slower pace.

You only need to replace carbonated or sweetened drinks in your diet with clear liquids, preferably water. And instead of drinking, it is advisable to take smaller sips.

You should also avoid taking in food that is hard to digest such as tough meats and bread.

Your health will improve.

There are other health benefits after the procedure, especially if coupled with modifications in your eating behavior. Aside from losing up to 50 percent of your excess body weight, the procedure helps reduce the risk of hypertension, high cholesterol, heart disease, stroke, and fatty liver.

Your stomach will increase in size over time.

Over a period of time, your smaller stomach resulting from gastric sleeve surgery will increase in size. That is why it is important to strictly follow dietary guidelines from your doctor or dietitian.

Remember that after gastric sleeve surgery, your stomach will only be able to hold around 3 ounces of food, roughly the size of your palm, during meal times. If you take in more than that, your stomach will adjust to make space for the food that you eat. Once it stretches, your stomach will not go back to its smaller size and you will find yourself with a larger space for your stomach if you eat more than the recommended amount of food.

You can get back to enjoying daily activities or even pursuing new interests.

With that excess weight off, you can now go back to enjoying activities that you have previously been unable to because of the limitations in movement. This can include walking, gardening, hiking, dancing, and a host of other physical activities. You can even pursue new interests with more possibilities available for you with your weight down to a manageable level. Of course, make sure to consult with your doctor before trying out physical activities that are very trying, such as lifting heavy weights or doing martial arts.

Talk to a doctor about getting gastric sleeve surgery.

If you are concerned about your weight, and overall quality of life, it may be time for you to talk to your doctor about undergoing a medical procedure to help you lose weight.

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