Banded Wendy Lap Band Patient Before and After comparison
“This is a passion for him. This is his life.”
“This guy is amazing. I love him and I love saying that about my Doctor.”
“…if you are… considering the surgery. Call Dr. Davtyan’s office!”

“Dr. David G. Davtyan is board certified in surgery and bariatric medicine. He specializes in Laparoscopic Adjustable Gastric Banding for weight management, as well as, he is very familiar in the world of Cancer, and he is just amazing. On top of that, not only has he performed hundreds upon hundreds of Lap Surgeries, he is also a Lap Band Patient himself. He’s 8 years post op and I got to be honest with you when I was doing the research that alone sold me. Then I got to meet him, and conversed with him, and listened to him. He studied in Europe and also went to UCLA. He studied in Europe with one of the first gastric band doctors ever. This is a passion for him. This is his life. He’s affected by it as well being a patient. He has enough patience to do research on various different things like the results and analyzes them and shares them. I just want to advise you to talk to your doctors: how many surgeries have they done? Maybe 10, 20, or even 100. I don’t think I’m interested. Are they a lap band patient themselves? Do they look in your eyes and talk to you when they are talking to you? Are they spending time with you? I spent an 1 hour and 20 minutes with Dr. Davtyan yesterday. So those are some things that I really want you guys to consider if you are pre-band and considering the surgery. Call Dr. Davtyan’s office! If you live in southern California and you’re considering this surgery, you need to meet this man! He has an office in Cedars-Sinai. He has an office in Glendale. His phone number is (818) 546-1500. This guy is amazing. I love him and I love saying that about my doctor. His staff is pretty cool too. Check him out and give him a call!”

“There had been so many changes in my life since having weight loss surgery. I went from being a couch potato to a marathon runner. I went from only being able to shop in the big girl store to being able to shop at any retail store there is. I went from being the average girl to being a leader. I became a coach for people to turn to for daily inspiration on their weight loss surgery journey. It’s just been phenomenal.”

– Banded Wendy

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