Recently, a new implantable device known as IntraPace (also referred to as the Abiliti system), acquired CE Mark Certification, allowing for a commercialization strategy in Europe.
IntraPace is an implantable device that looks similar to a pacemaker, and is implanted via a simple minimally invasive surgical procedure. The Abiliti system sends low level electrical impulses to the stomach right when a person eats or drinks, helping a person feel full before the stomach is actually full, and causing them to eat or drink less. Clinical research with the Abiliti system has shown basically none of the nausea and other side effects seen with gastric bypass surgery and gastric banding, because the anatomy of the stomach is not changed. Instead of patients being restricted in the types of food that they consume, they are encouraged to implement a healthy diet and exercise program.

Also, this new system automatically records when a patient eats, drinks, and exercises. This allows for both patients and physicians to be able to view this data via a simple wireless connection. Benefits to this include being able to understand patient behaviors and develop effective strategies for weight loss. Another perk to the system is that it connects patients to a valuable social support network, which is believed to increase the effectiveness of any weight loss program.

Initially, the Abiliti system will be offered through specialist clinics, starting in the UK, Spain, and Germany.