Do you have Diabetes and are taking multiple medications to treat this disease? Have you had or are you interested in having bariatric surgery? If so, then you will love these results found by a study done in 2002-2005 by Dr. Martin A. Makary and team from John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health and The John Hopkins University School of Medicine. Approximately 75% of patients discontinued the use of their diabetes medications completely 6 months after bariatric surgery, approximately 81% of those same patients discontinued their medications after one year, and approximately 85% of those same patients discontinued their medications two years after undergoing bariatric surgery, all regardless of the class of diabetes medications they were prescribed! Furthermore, healthcare costs dropped by roughly 34% in year two after bariatric surgery, and roughly 71% in year three after bariatric surgery. In conclusion, scientists believe healthcare insurers should pay for bariatric surgery for appropriate candidates as it serves as both a benefit to health and a potential annual cost savings!