Are you exploring weight loss options beyond diet and exercise? 

Well, one factor to always keep in mind when you are thinking of weight loss options is the cost of the procedure. One of the most economical ones is the the gastric balloon procedure. 

The average cost of a gastric balloon weight loss procedure can be in the range of $6,000 to $9,000. This includes the cost of the balloon itself and the procedure, along with pre and post-procedure costs. Of all available weight loss procedures (the average ranges from $15,000 to $30,000), gastric balloon seem to be the least costly.

The downside however is that gastric balloon procedure is not covered by insurance unlike the other bariatric surgery options. This should be factored in especially since you may have to pay out of pocket for the procedure.

Let’s find out more about gastric balloon, how effective it is, and why the cost is lower than that of other weight loss surgery options.


Is the gastric balloon weight loss procedure effective?

Losing weight through a gastric balloon procedure is a viable weight-loss option. It is an FDA-approved, non-surgical treatment to help you lose weight.

Gastric balloon, however, is a temporary treatment for obesity. The procedure calls for the insertion of a gastric balloon in your stomach to reduce its volume, making you feel fuller faster. Gastric balloons are removed after six months.

You are expected to lose up to 15% of your weight in the first six months after the procedure. With accompanying diet modification and exercise, you can lose as much as 47% of your excess weight.


Can I undergo a gastric balloon procedure?

If you have a BMI of 30 and above and would opt for a non-surgical weight loss procedure to help you lose weight, gastric balloon is for you. 

However, if your BMI is above 35, your doctor may recommend that you undergo a gastric balloon procedure as a first-line treatment. This is to help you lose weight before bariatric surgery, especially if diet modification and exercise have not produced the required weight loss.


What goes into the cost of a gastric balloon procedure?

Several factors determine the total cost of your gastric balloon procedure. Let’s take a look at some of these factors.


Type of gastric balloon

There are three types of FDA-approved gastric balloons available – the Obalon, Orbera, or ReShape balloons. They differ according to their material, length of therapy, the volume of the balloon, how it is inserted and removed, and adjustability.

The Obalon balloon consists of three balloons inserted every month for three months. This requires follow-up visits to your doctor which adds to the cost. It also has a higher cost than Orbera which consists of a single balloon placed in your stomach.


Training, specialization, and expertise of your medical team

Expect to pay more for a gastric balloon procedure if you choose to have the procedure with a board-certified gastroenterologist or bariatric surgeon. In addition, the length of time that doctors have been performing gastric balloon procedures and their level of expertise factor into the cost.

Since gastric balloon is a non-surgical procedure, it can be considered the safest weight loss procedure after diet and exercise. This safety is enhanced when you have an expert doctor and a team of medical professionals to do the procedure, and provide pre and post-procedure care and monitoring.


Facility and location where your gastric balloon procedure is performed 

Another factor that affects the cost of gastric balloon is by having the procedure done in a metropolitan area where the cost of living is high. Choosing to have the procedure in a hospital setting will mean you pay more for the procedure. 

Since gastric balloon is a quick, non-surgical procedure, you may want to have it in a surgical center or surgeon’s office instead to lower the cost.


Pre- and post-procedure costs

Adding to the cost of the gastric balloon are the pre- and post-procedure costs. Pre-procedure may include consultations with your doctor although some facilities offer complimentary consultations. Your doctor may also ask you for psychological evaluation and other tests such as blood test, cardio, and chest x-tray.

Follow-up visits after the gastric balloon is inserted in your stomach may be required by your doctor. Eating healthier meals, taking vitamins, and enrolling in a physical training program after the procedure also add to the cost. And for those who are very successful in their weight loss journey, surgery to remove excess skin requires resources as well.


Aftercare support from your weight-loss support team

While the gastric balloon is a simple procedure that can be done in half an hour, it does not end there. There is a need for aftercare support and a medical support team may be part of your treatment package.

For example, you may also choose to work with a personal trainer to ensure that you get the physical activity you need to keep the weight off. A nutritionist or dietitian will also come in handy in modifying your diet for long-term weight loss. And to take care of your mental well-being, you may want to bring on board a psychologist or therapist.


Is the gastric balloon worth the cost?

If you are coming to have gastric balloon as a first-line treatment for morbid obesity followed by bariatric surgery, it has been shown that these yield cost savings. This two-stage weight loss procedure pathway also results in better health outcomes compared with bariatric surgery alone.

An online platform that rates medical procedures give gastric balloon a high mark of 71% in terms of their worthiness. That just shows that patients who undergo gastric balloon benefit from its cost-effectiveness and worthiness as a weight-loss procedure.


Gastric balloon is a worthy investment to reach your weight-loss goals.

Aside from the factors that determine the total cost of gastric balloon procedure, you may also want to take a look at the other intangibles such as productivity.

Undergoing the procedure requires you to take lesser time off from work. For full recovery and to get used to the possible side effects, you can take a few days off from work or your business. You become more productive quickly.

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