Losing weight is challenging as it is, more especially to those who may be having a pre-existing medical condition that’s preventing them from shedding off those extra pounds. When diet and exercise are not enough, this is where medical intervention comes with, and with the advancements developing over the years, our medical experts have come up with effective procedures to help you reach a healthy weight.


Case in point, the Lap Band Surgery, which is one of the most sought-after procedures when it comes to weight loss. Let’s take a closer look to understand more about this procedure and just how transformational and beneficial it can be.


Lap Band Surgery is less invasive 


The mere thought of having to go under the knife can be quite daunting for some, and it can be quite worrisome just to think about the scars it will leave afterward. With Lap Band Surgery though, that is not entirely the case. It involves a surgical procedure called laparoscopy, or also known as keyhole surgery, where only small cuts and incisions are made for your surgeon to access the inside of your stomach and pelvis. Your attending surgeon will then place the silicone band inside, where a new small pouch is created so as to lessen your food intake. 


It also only takes less than an hour to complete the procedure.


Lap Band Surgery promotes speedy recovery


Because Lap Band Surgery is less invasive, one of the benefits it offers is a faster recovery period and a lesser time of staying confined in the hospital. There is also the benefit of dealing with less scar marks as the incisions are only small. Just like any medical procedure, you may experience some discomfort at first as your body tries to adjust, but you are less likely to experience extreme pain. 


There are some cases where patients leave the clinic on the same day of their procedure and can gradually ease into their daily routine after some rest.


Lap Band Surgery is adjustable


Over time, your body will undergo changes once the finished surgery takes effect. You will start losing weight, and once you do, your band will need to be adjusted to fit the needs according to the new size of your stomach. Likewise, if there seem to be no signs of weight loss for quite some time after your first procedure, you can opt to have your band tightened. Moreover, pregnant women who have undergone Lap Band Surgery before also benefit from this. Their band can be adjusted so it can accommodate the growing fetus inside the stomach. 


Lap Band Surgery is one of the safest weight loss procedures


In contrast to other bariatric surgery procedures like Gastric Bypass and Sleeve Gastrectomy, Lap Band Surgery is said to be safer and has lesser chances of complications and reoperation, mainly because of its less invasive nature. As it is a long-term implant, it will require certain maintenance care that must be strictly followed. In order to ensure its safety and maximize its effectiveness, you will have to take note of replacements and explants as discussed with your doctor.


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