Have you tried everything possible to lose weight, like dieting and exercising, but still find yourself needing help in that department? But are you also afraid to consider any kind of invasive procedure, because, well, you don’t feel comfortable being sedated and getting opened up?

Well, not to worry! We at LAP-Band Surgery in Los Angeles offer not only LAP-Band surgery in California, but also plenty of procedures out there that will help you drop plenty of weight and at the same time, not require you to go under the knife. One of these procedures is the gastric balloon procedure.

This is actually a very popular procedure because not only is it non-invasive, the balloon has been proven to be safe and very effective in helping a lot of people lose a huge amount of weight. In fact, according to our statistics, doctors all over the world have been using the Orbera balloon (one gastric balloon choice) for more than 20 years already to help thousands of people lose weight! Amazing, right? 

Of course, it also helps that it’s already proven that on average with the Orbera balloon, patients lose 3.1 times the weight they would with diet and exercise alone. 

Thinking about it now? Well, while you might be considering it, you’re also probably wondering right now about any Orbera side effects, as well as the other type of balloons’ side effects. Is this gastric balloon procedure really safe?

Well, we’ll take a look at all of that in this article. Let’s get to it, shall we? 


First things first: what is a gastric balloon?

A gastric balloon is literally a balloon. However, this particular balloon type is a medical device that you have to swallow. It’s then allowed to settle in your stomach.

Don’t worry: this whole procedure will be supervised by a trained healthcare practitioner, and will only be done in a hospital or clinic setting.

Depending on the procedure you get, the balloon can either be filled with a saline solution or with gas. You may also find yourself swallowing more than one balloon. The balloon or balloons will be inserted in you using an endoscope, a long flexible tube with a camera at the end. 

Once it has been determined that the balloon is in the proper position, the procedure is technically done.


How does the balloon help for weight loss?

The balloon takes up space in your stomach, so it helps you feel more full faster. The result of that is you eating less, and therefore, you will lose weight. The balloon will also make you feel full far longer.

Of course, the balloon alone will not help you, especially if you eat the same as before the procedure. That’s why we will not just insert the balloon inside you but also give you monitored support and dietary and exercise guidelines. That’s especially because after six months, we will remove the balloon from your stomach. 

When that’s gone, you might be tempted to fall back to your old eating habits, but hopefully, you will be able to follow the guidelines we gave you. That way, you’ll be able to keep the pounds off.


What are the possible side effects of getting a gastric balloon procedure?

There are plenty, actually. After all, the balloon is a foreign object that’s being introduced to your stomach. You may experience some temporary discomfort until your stomach gets used to it.

Here are some that you can anticipate immediately:


A heavy feeling in the stomach

The heavy feeling in your stomach can be caused by the balloon taking up space in the stomach and the body adjusting to its presence.

To help you feel much better, follow the dietary guidelines that your doctor will provide, such as eating smaller, more frequent meals and avoiding foods that are high in fat or sugar. Make sure to also drink plenty of fluids.


Nausea and Vomiting

Nausea is another common feeling of discomfort immediately after the insertion of the gastric balloon. You know you’re nauseous when you have a feeling of wanting to vomit. And in some cases, you might actually find yourself vomiting, especially if you have a weak stomach compared to most.

Thankfully, this can be relieved using over-the-counter medication. Make sure to ask your doctor which ones can be taken in relation to the balloon in your stomach.


Stomach cramps

The insertion of the balloon can irritate your stomach wall muscles and causes gripping pains. A liquid diet can help you with those symptoms.



Other side effects you may feel are bloating, belching, constipation, diarrhea, gas, difficulty swallowing, a sore throat, hiccups, and even lower back pain.


Are there more serious risks of gastric balloon insertion?

There are other, more serious side effects of gastric balloon insertion such as:

  • The deflation of the balloon
  • Stomach ulceration
  • The obstruction of the bowels
  • Intestinal perforation

Inform your doctor immediately in case you feel that there’s something seriously wrong with you after the balloon insertion. That way, you can receive treatment that’s appropriate to your case. 

In case you’re wondering, death can be a possible serious risk, but that’s very rare. According to the FDA, in between 2016 to 2021, only 5 people have died after gastric balloon insertion. 


So is a gastric balloon procedure really safe?

If it helps to reassure you, as mentioned above, doctors have been using this procedure for more than 20 years already. That’s a long time to be using something that’s unsafe, right?

Take note that the gastric balloon procedures that we perform here in LAP-Band LA are all approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration or FDA. Plus, rest assured that only the most trained and experienced people of our team will perform this procedure on you. All our doctors are led and supervised by our head, Dr. David G. Davtyan, one of the most respected weight loss surgeons in Los Angeles.

That means you’ll be as safe as you possibly can with only the best doctors overseeing you the entire time the procedure is occurring. 

And of course, as with any medical procedure, any of the risks and complications that we talked about above MAY happen, but the team will make the effort to make that possibility as low as possible. 

If you are still feeling apprehensive, you can contact LAP-Band LA to schedule a free consultation. That way, you can get a deeper understanding not just the benefits but the potential risks and help you make an informed decision.


Reach out to LAP-Band Los Angeles to schedule this procedure.

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So if you’re looking to finally lose weight, become healthier, and be the best version of yourself, we’re here for you. In fact, we’re looking forward to helping you achieve just that!

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