When embarking on your weight loss journey, you will have to decide which procedure interests you the most and also, what your doctor may recommend for you. If deciding on the gastric balloon, you may be wondering how it works and what the benefits may be of going with this method. To begin, the balloon works by expanding and taking up space within the stomach which allows for less food to be consumed. Not only does it allow for less food to be consumed overall, but it also slows down the passage of both food and beverages to the stomach.

Who Qualifies for a Gastric Balloon?

Gastric balloon surgery, just like every other weight loss surgery, has specific criteria for these types of procedures. For the gastric balloon procedure in Los Angeles, you have to be:

⁃ Unable to lose weight with proper diet and exercise
⁃ Have 1 or more obesity-related health issues
⁃ Have a BMI in between 30 and 40

How Effective is our Gastric Balloon Procedure?

In regards to the effectiveness of the gastric balloon procedure, it is very effective. Many patients lose 10-20% of their total body weight, which can be especially effective for those with lower BMI’s. On average, most patients lose about 20-50 pounds over the span of 6 months, and perhaps more as time goes on. Staying diligent with proper diet and exercise will take you far in this journey, so take your dietician’s advice to heart.

How Much Does a Gastric Balloon Procedure Cost?

In regards to costs, prices, and insurance for weight loss surgery, gastric balloons are not covered by insurance in the U.S. and usually cost between $6,000 to $9,000. Although it is an out-of-pocket expense, this type of procedure has the possibility to not only improve your quality of life, but also expand your lifespan.

We here at LapBandLA understand the various difficulties that come with weight loss, and we are here to help you. For many people, simply dieting and exercising doesn’t produce the desired results, and medical intervention is necessary. For those who are struggling to lose weight and have obesity-related health conditions, medical intervention may be necessary. Here at LapBandLA, we provide various different weight loss solutions that can help you achieve a healthier life. For more information on gastric balloon procedures in Los Angeles, give us a call or visit our website.