If you’re considering getting Orbera balloon insertion, one thing you should note is that you have to change your diet. You’re supposed to anyway; after all, you are supposed to be on the road to weight loss. But of course, just because you got your balloon inserted doesn’t mean you can eat anything right away. As your body adjusts to having a foreign object inside you, you may experience nausea, discomfort and many other things when you try to eat. 

So what exactly can you eat? What can’t you eat? What are the restrictions and guidelines when it comes to Orbera? Well, fret no longer. We’ll make this easy for you. Here are some guidelines for what you can – and can’t – eat before and after an Orbera balloon is inserted inside you.

Can I eat or drink before the Orbera insertion?

Sorry, no can do. Your stomach must be completely empty – as in empty – before the balloon is inserted in your body. With that in mind, you must stop eating six hours before the procedure. As for liquids, stop drinking four hours before, even water. Of course, if you have a medical prescription that you need to take, you have to let your doctor know ahead of time so they know what advice to give you.

What can I eat and drink after the procedure?

24 – 48 Hours after the procedure: a clear liquid diet

You must let your stomach rest and adjust to the balloon inside you. The doctor’s usual advice would be to only drink clear liquids and to stay hydrated. Some examples of clear liquids are water, ice chips, popsicles that are sugar free, and strained clear broth (chicken, beef, or vegetable stock). 

Two to Seven Days after balloon insertion: A full liquid diet

Around this time, your body has slightly adjusted to the balloon and you will be able enjoy full liquids, like protein shakes and soups. Still, remember to drink slowly, and to not gulp down everything at once. Make sure you still stay hydrated. Continue to ingest the clear liquids mentioned above.

The second week after insertion: Pureed food

During this time, you can now try and see if your body can take pureed foods. If not, there’s nothing wrong with still sticking with your full liquid diet. If you can, then starting ingesting pureed foods. Make sure to blend the food into an apple sauce consistency, and remove any whole pieces, seeds, or lumps. You can also add some spices for flavoring, but avoid hot spices!

Third week after insertion: Soft foods

Soft foods will help re-introduce your body to solid foods. Make sure to pick soft foods that are low in calories, fats, and carbohydrates. Make sure to chew food at least twenty times before swallowing, and each meal should take twenty minutes to finish.

Fourth week after insertion and onwards: Solid foods

If you’re feeling comfortable while eating, it’s time to incorporate solid food into your diet once again. Don’t do it all at once though. Try eating one kind of solid food at a time and seeing how it makes you feel. Eat cooked food (not fried though) first before trying any raw or hard food. When it comes to food, don’t go with starchy ones like bread or rice, because they have a tendency to stick to your balloon. As always, you have to stay hydrated. 

Can I drink alcoholic drinks?

At the start, you should avoid alcohol at all costs. When you are comfortable with eating solid foods, drinking alcohol moderately is fine. However, you should make sure to pay attention to the calories because alcohol contains calories without any benefits to your overall health, and therefore will slow weight loss. Try limiting alcohol intake (around 1 or 2 glasses) to social occasions only. If you drink too much, you may experience heartburn, acid reflux, and other uncomfortable sensations. Also, alcohol dehydrates the body, which is opposite of what you are going for. 

Can I drink caffeinated drinks?

If you mean coffee and/or tea, yes you can. Make sure though that you don’t put any sugar in them, though. Also, these drinks can again lead to dehydration, which is something that you don’t want. Also, too much coffee and tea can cause heartburn and acid reflux, both which are uncomfortable and painful.


However, if you mean caffeinated soda, avoid those at all costs. Not only are they fizzy, which can cause burping, they are also very sugary. A lifestyle change means avoiding unnecessary sugar at all costs.

Can I drink any vitamins and supplements with the Orbera balloon inside me?

When the Orbera balloon is inserted, you will actually need to take daily multivitamins and calcium supplements, as well as whatever the doctor will prescribe you. You may not need them after the balloon is removed six months after. However, there is nothing wrong with drinking any vitamins and supplements. What we do recommend for after the balloon has been removed is to make sure to eat plenty of fruits and vegetables. Remember, you’re doing a lifestyle change to sustain your new weight loss. And a new lifestyle change means acquiring healthier eating habits.

Remember that diets are also a personal journey.

Orbera diets, while they are all generally the same for people with balloons inside them, may still vary from time to time, depending on the factors of each individual. For example, even if the doctor prescribes only eight glasses of water a day, you might feel the need to drink more. As long as you’re comfortable with it, there’s nothing wrong with that. And if you feel like on the eighth day, you’re not ready for soft foods, that’s totally normal. At the end of the day, whatever feels comfortable for you, that’s what you do. And remember, these guidelines are general, so please consult your doctor if you feel like you have questions or you’re unsure how to proceed with your diet.

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