I am very motivated to prioritize my health, by learning new recipes and ways to cook vegetables and exercising daily, which I have never done before. This has also inspired my family to evaluate their habits and following suit, by eating healthy with me and going on walks with our dogs. I’m so happy that I got the surgery with Dr. Davtyan and can’t wait to see how much weight I lose this year! This experience has given me more confidence. I have a new appreciation for what I put in my body and I am committed to learning new ways I can stay more active. I feel happy with who I’m becoming and want everything in my life to reflect that.

February 2, 2020
I have now lost 85 pounds in 4 months and one week! The biggest change that I noticed is that I am taking so many more photos of myself. Before I used to frame them very strategically so that you couldn’t see my body and now I’m so proud and happy to take them. Overall, everything is so much easier. There is less stress on my joints, which makes exercising so much better. I have a treadmill in my room which I use for cardio everyday. I used to have issues with my hips, which were constantly hurting, and my thighs were rubbing together so much when I ran that my legs would look raw and I’d have cuts on my legs from them rubbing together so much. That’s all over with now! I used to have to wear long bicycle shorts everywhere I went to mitigate that problem and now I am able to do my cardio workout in my room in tiny little shorts and my legs are never rubbing and it doesn’t hurt at all. Fitness is so much easier and I am able to work out longer. After an hour long workout, I feel great and I still have energy to do other things and stay active, which I could never do before. I’m actually having fun working out! I love feeling stronger and my posture is so much better now.

In terms of diet, now that I’m back in school and have a schedule, it’s been easier to eat healthy and not snack, which is my weakness. I’m still learning how to make good choices with food, but I have started to stick to a routine of tea and eggs for breakfast, carrots and hummus for lunch and salad and protein for dinner and this has helped me continue to lose weight. I’m still playing with new recipes and ingredients. I’ve already lost 85 so far and I’m so happy with the progress I’ve made and I feel so much healthier!

Brighton T.

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