gastric sleeve surgery

“Now that I lost 42 lb in just 6 months with the gastric sleeve, I’m more excited about being active in any conversation because I feel incredible.”
“I don’t have Asthma anymore, so my days of using inhalers are officially gone!”

Before I ever had the Lap Band, I regularly felt very tired. I was not happy with the way that I looked and felt. When I would put on my clothes, my rolls would easily show which made me feel very uncomfortable about my self-image. Since I was not an active person, my knees and legs would hurt all the time. I wasn’t really a social person either, but I at least had enough confidence to be around my coworkers. Despite my husband loving me so much, I still wouldn’t feel very motivated in my relationship. As a little girl, I practically lived in the hospital because I had very bad asthma. Even as I grew up, the asthma never went away. I would go through two inhalers, and I also had to ask my family for extra inhalers. I couldn’t run without an inhaler because I worried about getting too exhausted and having really short breaths. Each inhaler I purchased with its discs was not a cheap expense for me; it would cost me $100 per inhaler. In moments where my inhaler ran out, my insurance would cover it on a monthly basis, but if I needed more than one inhaler per month then I would need to pay $60 cash from my own pocket. There was one moment that I would never forget; when my husband and I went to San Francisco for an exciting vacation. At first I had no breathing problems, but after three to four hours my asthma affected me so bad that my husband immediately had to drive me to the hospital. My life was a mess and I wanted a change.

For a full year I looked into getting something done to improve my health. I travelled to Tijuana to see if there was any help I could get, but I couldn’t find anything or anyone. I went back to California and found Dr. David Davtyan on Google search. Based on his excellent reviews, acceptance of my insurance, and being the best bariatric surgeon, I decided to give him a call.

Before I knew it, I was at his office learning about the different procedures they offered. At first, I was scared and afraid because I read online about the pros and cons of the gastric sleeve; however, Arsine and Yaya were very helpful. They were so helpful that I got motivated when they talked to me about the gastric sleeve procedure. They made me feel excited just thinking about the amount of weight I would lose.

Gastric Sleeve Surgery

On the day of my surgery, I stayed overnight while the hospital staff and Dr. Davtyan’s staff took really good care of me. On the second day, I went home for recovery. After one week of recovery I went back to work. After the second week I started feeling the difference. I started to walk faster, and my appetite was more controlled. I felt like nothing happened, and I forgot I even had surgery.

Now that I lost 42 lb in just 6 months with the gastric sleeve, I’m more excited about being active in any conversation because I feel incredible. I love the way I feel and the way I look. I especially feel very happy about my face because I clearly see the difference when I see my reflection on the mirror. I smile just thinking about it. My friends noticed the difference which was amazing. My son says, “If you’re happy, then I am happy, and I support you 100 percent.” When I go shopping for clothes, my daughter now says, “You look very beautiful.” I don’t have any more pain in my knees. Not only did I lose weight, but my primary doctor gave me amazing news too about my asthma, and he was very surprised about sharing this good news with me. He told me that my asthma is completely gone. I don’t have asthma anymore, so my days of using inhalers are officially gone! Since I can now carry one less thing on me, I am saving more money too. I walk with my husband more often. I go out with my family to Hurricane Harbor and Six Flags, and I can see that my kids have more fun with me now. I’m more active and more motivated than ever before.

Overall, I had an amazing experience under Dr. Davtyan’s care. The way Dr. Davtyan explained things to me was very helpful and made me feel confident with my surgery. He is just an amazing person in everything he does. I love how he was actually a heart surgeon because it’s a really delicate procedure. So he knows what he’s doing.

If you’re considering the Gastric Sleeve and you want to live longer, then go for it. You should do it for your health and not just because you want to look good. This is just the beginning and looking forward to whatever life brings me. Thank you Dr. Davtyan!

– A.G.

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